Five stories, five mysteries to solve. Christmas won't be the same after you read these clever, insightful, smart, and sometimes quite witty stories. We're very excited to be able to begin The Case Files series with some incredible talent who understand the nuances of mystery and how to have fun with it.

Our first publication of stories will be available to read right here, for free, starting on December 20 at 12:15 am, MST. Just come to this page and click on the title of the story of your choice. They will be numbered in the order we chose for the digital anthology, but you're welcome to read them in any order you wish.

The stories will also be available in digital format on Amazon for your Kindle. The price is only 99 cents. A great gift for those friends and family who like a bit of horror to slightly taint their holidays.

We'd love to see your comments on the stories, so please feel free to let us know what you think by using the Comments section after each story.

Thank you for supporting Tell-Tale Press and our writers. And may your winter holidays be joyful!